Sorry to sound like a goody goody, but I thought later this would give me a good laugh. 

First off, I wanted to say sorry for anything this guy has said to you (again not trying to be a goody goody). And there is no reason for me to say this but it looks like at least every freaking day he says stuff like this, so the least we can do is forward this message and try to get him suspended. 


(comment on Is it a good idea to microwave flash paper) motorboatinfun 

what are you going to post?

some pro-butt sex rant about how you love to get reamed in the ass

until you're split open by your boyfriends cock? Sorry, 

it's too late now, but you can post it anyway, we all know.

(thinking he's joking I replied) awesomenessguess11 (me) 

only because you wanna see it.

(in reply to me) motorboatinfun (fag)

Judging from your video channel it looks like you are the founding faggot for cockumentaries.

What a load of fucking gay. Piss off with your cock buddy.

(reply) awesomenessguess11 (me)

Alright, you can over-react to that, 

or you can just realize that that was just a joke.

Actually, It looks like same to you! 

It actually looks like you happen to tell everybody the same thing. 

I bet If all those people stood right in front of you, 

you wouldn't be able to say even the least of an insult because you'd be afraid, little girl. 

You're just using youtube as a place to look cool, 

and act like you're better than everyone else. At least learn some new insults.

(in reply to me) motorboatinfun

I know that if i stood right in front of you, you'd get down on your knees and immediately beg for my penis in your throat. Sorry, that won't happen faggy mcfagster.

(in reply to motorboatinfun) awesomenessguess11 

Do I have to repeat myself?


KylePattyWillson (57 seconds ago) 

Hahaha, gotta' love a good troll every once in a while!

But seriously your whole comments are irrelevant and you're just a sad little man who's disappointed that his life 

went nowhere and apparently makes videos of his car beeping..?

loveu4eva07 (6 hours ago) 

Ok. First off, u were being rude by calling someone a homosexual. 

But basically, it's just who someone is. Like you're a hetrosexual. So the best

u could come up with is that I'm a slut?

Well, let's see about that. I'm 14, and a virgin. So next time u want to make rude comments,

make sure they're true first, or they don't hurt.

miccomacho (2 months ago) 

fuck you asshole

kalihipinoy808 (3 months ago) Spam

and lastly i hope you die by a cuban and black mans hands and also raped by them in your hairy stink butt hole >:)

kalihipinoy808 (3 months ago) Spam

racist people like you will be extinct in the future :D

kalihipinoy808 (3 months ago) Spam

and your mom's my bitch

kalihipinoy808 (3 months ago) Spam

i wonder what went wrong in your birth process

your mom mustve been fucking defected retards

towandacreek (3 months ago) Spam

thanks for the lovely comment. I'll be sure to return the favor. support Steven's Law and do something worthwhile.

kiffytoitoi (5 months ago) Spam

you shouldn't be such a cock! look everyone thinks your a joke

corporateoffroader (5 months ago) Spam

I have blocked you from my videos, your opinions are unwarranted and unwanted.

wizewizard2000 (6 months ago) Spam

Sorry i don't like your show you 8 year old dickhole.

MrFireAss (6 months ago) Spam

you sure are fixated on gay sex. Could it be because you are looking for another gay for fellowship?

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